$93k expenditure on 450th buried in Consent Agenda


400-J-REGAN-ECON-SUMMITSt Augustine’s 450th Commemoration continues to remain controversial for its apparent lack of accountability and absence of any definitive budget limitations; and, true to form, City Manager John Regan has slipped another $92,740 Dana Ste Claire’s way — this time for brand identity elements and further website development, among other things.

Items proposed by the City Manager for consideration by the City Commission are noted on the “Consent Agenda” but are not publically discussed during the meeting unless one of the commissioners requests for it to be pulled.

Other items on tomorrow night’s consent agenda:

1. Preview of upcoming Commission meetings. None.
2. Release of Lien for Unit Connection Fee Mortgage(s): None.
3. Proposed Proclamations, Certificates of Appreciation/Recognition Commission approval required.
4. 2013-07 April is Child Abuse Month (April 8, 2013 Meeting).
5. Notification of Proclamation/Certificate of Recognition issued: None.
6. Approval of request to carry over $92,740 from the last fiscal year to be used for pole banner production, brand identity elements, website development and merchandise development relevant to the 450th Commemoration. (Dana Ste. Claire, Director, 450th Commemoration).
7. Approval of an easement between the City and Florida Power & Light. The easement allows FPL to run under-ground utilities on the Marina property in order to support the new breakwater. (Jim Piggott, General Services Director)
8. Approval of invoice for legal services and costs, dated January 24, 2013 from the Gunster Law Firm for services rendered regarding the Whetstone v. City of St. Augustine pending lawsuit in the amount of $1,083.78. (Ron Brown, City Attorney).
9. Letter from John Regan transmitting letters of interest and nomination relevant to the vacancy in Seat Four created by the resignation of current Commissioner Bill Leary.

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