A word of thanks to the folks who pay for your news

400-tour-saint-augustine-loAs editor, I would like to mention a word of thanks to Tour Saint Augustine for continuing to help Historic City News bring free, local news to St Augustine and St Johns County — without creating mountains of paper waste or destroying the environment with ink contaminants.

Our weekday news journal is published to over 15,000 daily readers over the Internet; through historiccity.com, our 24-hour news portal and repository for articles and editorials with a searchable archive; historiccitynews.com, our gateway to facebook, the place to go to post remarks about breaking news stories, to add your opinions or to visit our photo galleries; and, twitter.com/historiccity, your Internet connection for all the news that fits in 140 characters — including the URL. This is the place for “on-the-go” readers, who also want to be “in-the-know” throughout the day.

The high end specialty-tour market is one of the fastest growing in the industry and Tour Saint Augustine is meeting a surge in demand for unique tours, products and services for our visitors. Chief Executive, Adam Shockey, and Alice Sutherland, the founder of St Augustine City Walks, now part of Tour Saint Augustine, have been financial sponsors and advertisers going back to 2008.

I am saying “thank you” and you should, too. After all, through the support of businesses like Tour Saint Augustine, we are able to keep Historic City News absolutely free for our readers — the way news reporting should be.

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