Avoid SR-13 near Rivertown Subdivision today

400-RIVERTOWN-TREE-DOWNOver the past six-hour period, Historic City News has received reports of a fallen tree in the Rivertown Subdivision of northwest St Johns County; that, at one point, had SR-13 completely impassable and has left many residents without electric power.

About 4:45 a.m. this morning, St Johns County Sheriff’s spokesman, Lieutenant Charles E. Mulligan, reported that a tree fell along the major north-south roadway that connects St Johns County to Mandarin. As the tree came down, it brought with it a power pole and transformer — knocking out power to the area.

“Crews continue to remove debris and clear lines from the roadway,” Mulligan told reporters. “We are working towards opening one lane in the next hour or so.”

Motorists are asked to find alternate routes since the effort to re-establish electricity and reset the power pole may reduce traffic flow to one lane for several additional hours.

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