Burger King twitter account hacked

500-Burger-King-logoAbout an hour ago, Miami based Burger King Worldwide Inc., was the victim of a malicious cyber-attack when the company’s logo was replaced by hackers who tweeted that the business had been taken over by rival fast food juggernaut McDonald’s Corporation.

The famous McDonald’s arches replaced the Burger King logo on the Internet website briefly until the company received word of the intrusion and was able to have the webmaster take down the false information.

Worse, the twitter page was peppered with racial epithets, references to drug use and vulgar obscenities.

The only statement from Burger King at this point has been to confirm the hack, deny the sale of the company, and to apologize for the offensive publically posted comments which were made without their knowledge.

Law enforcement officials have been notified and corporate security personnel are investigating the source of the attack. A company spokesman told reporters that once they can sort out what happened, more information will be made available.


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