Burn activity in Guana Reserve today


400-FFS-CONTROL-BURNAfter a day of hosting crowds that included members of some of St Augustine’s founding Minorcan families, Historic City News reporters and a troupe of authentic 16th century re-enactors, the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve will undertake an ecological prescribed burn on the southern portion of the Guana Peninsula.

Between 25 and 40 acres of brush and undergrowth along coastal A1A, just south of Six Mile Boat Ramp, are included in the control fires set to burn today. The boat ramp may be closed if smoke becomes too thick.

Residents of adjacent areas could see and smell smoke from the fire. Motorists and boaters may be temporarily inconvenienced by the prescribed burning activities. Trained and experienced fire personnel have placed fire breaks around the area to contain the flames. Fire suppression equipment and staff from the Reserve and its partner agencies will be on site during the burning activity.

Periodic prescribed burns help to lessen the chances of wildfires by reducing the vegetation and dry debris that serves as fuel. Fires also play an important role in promoting new growth in natural communities. The resulting ash provides nutrients that foster new growth.

The Research Reserve is one of 28 National Estuarine Research Reserves around the nation focused on researching, educating and protecting the natural biodiversity and cultural resources within the estuary.

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