Celebrate National Voter Registration Day Tuesday


400-NATIONAL-VOTER-REGISTRASt Johns County Supervisor of Elections Vicky Oakes invites all Historic City News readers to prepare themselves for next year’s elections this Tuesday, September 24, when she and her staff will celebrate National Voter Registration Day.

“We hope to raise awareness and encourage every American to prepare themselves to be heard in the next election,” Oakes told managing editor, Michael Gold. “But, before you can exercise your fundamental right to vote, you must ensure that you are properly registered and that your information is up-to-date with the Elections Office.”

Oakes points out that our communities are stronger when everyone participates in the election process; and, as good citizens, we have an obligation to vote. She told local reporters that our communities need each of us to do our part.

Our readers might be surprised to learn that millions of Americans did not vote in the 2012 Presidential Election — many because they didn’t know how to register, or, they missed registration deadlines. Oakes says that’s the one thing she wants to be sure doesn’t happen in St Augustine and St Johns County.

“It’s never been easier to register to vote than it is today,” Oakes explained. “It’s not too early to prepare for the 2014 Elections.”

You can register or make changes to your voter registration in person at the Elections Office, Public Libraries, Tax Collectors Offices, Public Assistance Agencies, and Armed Forces Recruitment Offices.

Help is only a phone call away at (904) 823-2238, or, download applications online at the Supervisor of Election’s website.