Community pitches in to spruce up Lincolnville property

400-SPRUCE-UP-1Gwendolyn Duncan tells Historic City News that this weekend’s “spruce up” of the historic Rudcarlie Building, located at 79 Bridge Street in Lincolnville, was such a huge success that another day of work to help rejuvenate the landmark property is already being planned.

Several parents and their children along with over two dozen students from the “Communities and Schools” program, under the direction of Jennifer Wells, took part in the spruce up on Saturday, December 7th.

“Volunteers washed windows, helped with the landscaping, painting, raking, and cleaning walls,” Duncan reported. “As they worked, they were given a brief history lesson on the civil rights movement in St. Augustine by ACCORD Members Daryl and Kathy Price.”

This building was the former dental office of the 1960’s civil rights leader, Dr. Robert B. Hayling, and is the future site of the proposed ACCORD Civil Rights Museum.

When the day’s work was through, the students were given an “ACCORD Certificate of Appreciation” which included the number of volunteer hours served.

Photo credits: © 2013 Historic City News contributed photograph by Gwendolyn Duncan

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