Cordova Street building to be used for firefighter training

300-SJC-FIREFIGHTERSThe St Augustine Fire Department has informed Historic City News reporters that they will be conducting training exercises at 31 Cordova Street next week from Tuesday, June 25th, through Friday, June 28th.

The building was the one-time home of the St Augustine office of Florida Power and Light Company, but, most recently, served as broadcast studios for WFCF and offices for the Flagler College Communications Department.

“The building is slated for demolition, so it provides an excellent opportunity for real-life simulation of fire emergencies for training purposes,” reported Fire Chief Mike Arnold. “We have performed similar training exercises at other buildings, most recently utilizing the old restaurant where Mellow Mushroom is built.”

According to city officials, life-saving techniques and firefighting drills allowing firefighters to use tools and equipment to practice search and rescue, forcible entry, ventilation and suppression techniques will be exercised.

Activities will include cutting holes in the roof and interior walls, and prying doors, but the exterior of the building will remain secure until the building is demolished.

While the building will not be burned, and no live fire training will be conducted on the premises, the exercises will include the use of theatrical smoke to simulate conditions in a burning building.

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