Cosme: School of the 16th Century


400-PonceFOY-011Cosme: School of the 16th Century

Special to Historic City News
By Raphael Cosme

Historic City News contributor Raphael Cosme attended the School of the 16th Century this Saturday at the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park; presented by the Historic Florida Militia.

Brian Bowman, president of the Militia, welcomed the crew; calling the event “a rehearsal” for the commemoration of the landing of Ponce de Leon in Florida; 500 year ago in April.

“I want to recognize the Fraser Family for their dedication to preserving this historic site for more than one-hundred years,” Bowman told those attending.

This was a day for the public to learn about Spanish 16th Century weapons, clothing, equipment, crafts, and folkways from members of the Historic Florida Militia.

Re-enactors from the Men of Menendez interpreted the landing of Don Juan Ponce de Leon; portrayed by Father Gilbert Medina and his crew.

The honor guard marched after the landing with the sound of a period drum.

Camera crews from the state’s Viva 500 anniversary were filming the crew in the garb and gear of Juan Ponce de León’s landing on our shores and the naming of La Florida in 1513.

The Fountain of Youth made available their artillery and cannon demonstration area as well as the boathouse for this year’s encampment site. The Maritime Heritage Association is constructing its replica of a 16th Century “chalupa” at the site.

Photo credits: © 2013 Historic City News contributed photograph by Raphael Cosme


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