Cross-country journey ends in St Johns County

400-BOB-QUICK-SJFR-1St Johns County Marine Rescue Lieutenant, Jeremy Robshaw, updated local Historic City News reporters on today’s departure of cross-country cyclist Bob Quick; who has traveled from San Diego, California to demonstrate to others his flat out determination that you can overcome trials — no matter how big.

Quick doesn’t know the meaning of the word “Quit”. He died in September 2004 — and, for about 3 1/2 minutes before paramedics with the Roy City Utah Fire Rescue managed to resuscitate him, he remained dead following a massive heart attack brought on by advanced stages of coronary artery disease.

“If they would have given up,” Quick said, “I wouldn’t be here today.” Over the last nine years, Intermountain Health Care McKay-Dee has placed sixteen stents; and, as of April of 2013, they have also placed a pace maker defibrillator in Quick’s chest.

St Johns County is the end of the journey for Bob and his son, Conrad, who reached St Augustine late Friday evening. During their time in St. Johns County they have been housed at various local Fire Rescue stations.

“This is a fascinating man with a fascinating story, Robshaw told Historic City News. “You won’t believe what he’s been through or the miraculous things he has seen.”

Quick’s hereditary heart problem caused him to die a second time — he learned to walk again, took up culinary arts, competed in and won a cooking competition, while preparing for this journey which he describes as “the biggest trip of his life”.

For more details on Roy and his coast-to-coast trip, visit his diary online at

Photo credits: © 2013 Historic City News contributed photograph by Jeremy Robshaw

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