DeSantis won’t suspend Capitol tours for constituents


Our District 6 member of the US House of Representatives, Ron DeSantis of Ponte Vedra Beach, asked that we assure Historic City News readers planning to visit Washington, DC this summer that his staff will continue to offer tours of the United States Capitol.

This word from our congressman came on the heels of an announcement that the president has indefinitely suspended public, self-guided, White House tours.

“Instead of cutting fraud and abuse in their budget,” DeSantis told reporters, “yesterday, I received word that the White House will leave thousands of Americans with planned trips to the Capitol, unable to visit the White House.”

DeSantis explained to Historic City News that, under sequestration, he feels the White House should be looking to eliminate wasteful spending in their budget. He cited one example of $277,050 being spent each year to employ 3 calligraphers.

“The White House has decided to ban our nation’s citizens from attending tours of the People’s House because they say that’s what they have to do to save money,” DeSantis explained. “Unlike the White House, I believe that serving my constituents is the most important part of my job, so I have made cuts in my office budget that allow us to continue to be able to arrange a Capitol tour for you.”

For District 6 constituents who were hoping to visit the White House, Representative DeSantis said that he wants you to know that his office is still “open for business” and they will be happy to help you schedule a Capitol tour.


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