DUI enforcement stepped up for Spring Break

SpringBreak2013Historic City News has been informed that state law enforcement agencies and associations joined forces today to encourage spring breakers to have a safe celebration in Florida.

The state’s beautiful beaches and numerous tourist attractions lure thousands of spring breakers every year, but bad decisions about drugs and alcohol can ruin the party and change lives forever.

“Throughout the spring break period, we will continue our enhanced enforcement efforts with special emphasis on impaired drivers,” said FHP Director Col. David Brierton. “Florida troopers do not tolerate impaired driving, so drive sober and drive safely.”

Throughout the month of March, law enforcement agencies will be out enforcing the state’s drinking age laws and working to keep impaired drivers off the roads.

The Florida Highway Patrol cautions visitors and residents in the Sunshine State to think twice before driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Driving impaired not only puts everyone on the roadways in danger, but drivers should also know that Florida’s tough DUI laws have stiff penalties that can leave offenders with an empty wallet.

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