Efforts underway to locate distressed porpoise

400-entangles-porpoiseHistoric City News readers should keep their eyes open for a distressed porpoise that appears to have become entangled in a crab line and buoy in the St Johns River, according to Jacksonville University veterinarian Dr Rose Borkowski.

The porpoise was first seen near Blount Island and has continued to move southward.

Biologists in the Biology and Marine Science Department are trying to keep the porpoise, last seen near St Augustine, from getting seriously hurt from the entanglement.

If the biologists can get close enough to the porpoise, Borkowski said they will try to remove the line and buoy.

“It is very important that sightings of this marine mammal be called in to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Hotline at 888-404-3922.


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