Fire Rescue honors telecommunications operators

400-E911-SJC-DISPATCHERSJeremy Robshaw reported to Historic City News that this week, it is with great honor that St Johns County Fire Rescue celebrates April 14-20, as National Telecommunications Week — in honor of the men and women in our local communications center whose diligence and hard work helps to keep our county and its citizens safe.

Emergencies can occur at any time. Beginning with citizens at the scene who telephone the St Johns County 911 Communication Center, until the time the call for service is cleared, the dedication and professionalism of the seemingly nameless and faceless individuals that answer the phone can help save countless lives.

“The success or failure of an emergency response can hinge on the quality and accuracy of information obtained by our 911 Operators,” Robshaw said. “Public safety dispatchers are the first and most critical contact our citizens have with emergency services and become the vital link for our firefighters and law enforcement officers on the scene.”

Each dispatcher must show compassion, understanding and professionalism throughout each and every shift. The stress and emotions that these professionals must deal with every day is just as real as anything experienced by field personnel.

Robshaw told reporters that it can be easy to take for granted the services and expertise of the telecommunications operators who monitor activities by radio, provide information and insure our officer’s safety. “We want to be sure that doesn’t happen here.”


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