Firefighters extinguish RV fire – save lives of two


400-CHARLES-ALTON-ROBEYHistoric City News has learned that St Johns County Fire Rescue responded earlier today, to a recreational vehicle fire in the 4500 block of Avenue “B”; just north of the Neil J Perry Criminal Justice Complex in St Augustine.

The parked motor home was ablaze, according to first reports when firefighters from the St Johns County Central Battalion and St Augustine Fire Department arrived on scene in Zone 12.

Although no people were onboard at the time of the fire, first responders located and rescued two kittens as they began their attack on the clearly visible flames.

“Firefighters are equipped with a specially-designed animal mask that allows them to administer oxygen to pets extracted from structures where they have been exposed to intense heat or have inhaled large amounts of smoke,” St Johns County Fire Engineer Charles “Alton” Robey told Historic City News local reporters.

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