Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition formed

400-Pancreas-Cancer-CoalitiThe Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition, Inc. announced to Historic City News its formation today; to raise local funds for pancreatic cancer research.

Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition, Inc. has a Board with active committee members for the purpose of raising local money for local research. Pancreatic cancer affects all demographics and 85-percent of those diagnosed will die within six months. Of the remaining 15-percent, only one-third has a survival rate of more than four years.

“November is pancreas cancer awareness month, so we felt the time was right to launch this endeavor — to raise local money, for local research of pancreatic cancer; which has personally affected me and my family”, said Patrick McLaughlin, one of the founders of the organization.

The not-for-profit organization, established by Patrick McLaughlin, a pancreas cancer survivor, James M. “Tripp” Portersfield III, and Mary Jane Culhane, solicits local contributions used towards world class local pancreas cancer research at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and other Florida based research facilities. Cancer of the pancreas is the only cancer with a single-digit five-year life expectancy rate.

“We are excited about the events and activities where Florida Pancreas Cancer Coalition will be involved here in Florida,” spokesman Kevin Doyle told local reporters. “The Coalition looks forward to making announcements soon about some of our events and we are looking forward to working with the community to provide support for local research to help find a cure for cancer of the pancreas.”

With diminishing funding, and the devastating nature of pancreas cancer, the Coalition believes in raising money in a transparent manner, on a local level, so that all can see the progress to cure this cancer.

More information is available on their website http://www.flpcc.org

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