Free Bike Week parking in St Augustine


400-BIKE-WEEK-PLAZAThe City of St Augustine will continue to offer complimentary motorcycle parking through Sunday in a designated area along Cathedral Place, according to information obtained by Historic City News local reporters.

Although Bike Week is centered in Daytona Beach, thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts make day trips or choose to stay in St Augustine and St Johns County.

“Over the years, the city has seen evidence that motorcyclists who utilize the complimentary parking area tend to park multiple motorcycles in a single space, freeing other parking spaces for vehicles,” Paul Williamson, Director of Public Affairs told Historic City News. “The area tends to become an unofficial display of a wide variety of motorcycles from around the county making it an attraction to St Augustine visitors.”

The designated parking area, delineated by signs, encompasses portions of a two-block long stretch of Cathedral Place between Avenida Menendez and Cordova Street.

The amount of parking will be adjusted each day by the St Augustine Police Department — based on demand. The designated area is the only area where motorcycles may park free of charge.

Photo credits: © 2013 Historic City News contributed photograph by Derek Boyd Hankerson


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