Freeman only commissioner not trying to buy popularity


400-KLINE-NSShame on Nancy Sikes-Kline, the mayor and the other two commissioners — for disgracing the memory of ten former longtime St Augustine benefactors and eight living members legitimately elected to membership in the St Augustine Order of La Florida.

Sikes-Kline boasts her love for St Augustine’s history and demands city residents obey her views on preservation; yet, she votes to abandon a rich 38-year-old tradition and the rules for selection for the City’s highest honor — how hypocritical. She has become a bumbling embarrassment who seems more concerned about buying popularity than doing the right thing for all St Augustine citizens, not just her cuckoo’s nest of hyper-preservationists. Thank God there’s an election for her seat next year.

400-BOLES-MAYOR-JLJoe Boles already has so much practice playing the role of “Mayor Boss Hogg” — I can’t honestly say that I didn’t expect him to have his ass firmly planted on the fencepost. He’s probably already ordered a fresh stock of Cuban cigars to hand out at the award ceremony. Thank God there’s an election for his seat next year.

400-LEARY-WLIt’s usually Bill Leary that I criticize for talking out of both sides of his mouth, not the Mayor; way to go, Leary … now you’ve rubbed off on him. And what in the hell is up with your vote last night? Aren’t you the one who nominated Herbie Wiles for the Order of La Florida — your neighbor, campaign contributor, and bestest cheerleader? You have tarnished this honor for Herbie and for the eighteen other members who legitimately earned their recognition. Thank God there’s an election for your seat next year.

400-ROXANNE-HORVATHCommissioner Horvath just got on the board, but total disregard for resolutions and ordinances is contrary to the rule of law. As a commissioner, you are a legislator now. Time to pull up your “big girl pants” and uphold our established rules. Stop pandering to your imagined constituencies or resign your office.

Only Leanna Freeman stood by her convictions. She had no dog in the fight because she didn’t nominate either candidate. Freeman showed great courage while on the horns of this dilemma. She knew that the right thing to do was to vote for neither Wiles nor Hayling until a legitimate opening came about. The enabling legislation, enacted on May 12, 1975, says that the selection of any candidate must be by unanimous vote of the city commission. She voted “no”. The others shamefully ignored that requirement as well.

Shame on Nancy Sikes-Kline. Shame on Joseph L. Boles, Jr. Shame on Bill Leary. Shame on Roxanne Horvath.

400-LEANNA-FREEMAN-HASJThank you, Leanna Freeman for having the fidelity, showing the honor, and respecting the service and contributions from the eighteen legitimate members of the St Augustine Order of La Florida. Thank God we have your proven voice of reason in that seat for the next four years.


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