Fruit Cove man arrested for attempted murder

400-James-Patrick-TadrosAt 1:00 p.m. today, Historic City News has learned that 29-year-old James Patrick Tadros, who resides at 1104 Hideaway Drive North in Fruit Cove, will face a judge in Duval County and be arraigned on charges of attempted murder, false imprisonment and criminal mischief; after an incident last night that sent police to Best Buy on Southside Boulevard near the Avenues Mall — strobe lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Two Best Buy employees reported that they had subdued and were holding Tadros, born March 12, 1984; who witnesses say abducted and tried to kill a 9-year-old girl who was shopping in the store with her mother.

Tadros, who appears in surveillance video captured inside the store, led the child into a public restroom and tried to kill her about 5:30 p.m. yesterday evening. A witness, standing outside the women’s restroom, reported hearing a cry and screams from inside.

The witness summoned help, and employees entered the restroom to determine what was wrong. One of the store employees looked under the partition of the handicap accessible stall and told police he saw Tadros holding the girl’s head inside the toilet. At that time, Tadros dropped the girl; who was able to crawl under the stalls and was led out by another employee.

Jacksonville Police spokesperson, Melissa Bujeda, told Historic City News that the employees held the Tadros until officers arrived. Bujeda said the girl told an employee she did not know Tadros. The victim told police that Tadros kicked and punched her, and then put a plastic bag over her head and held her head under water in the toilet.

Police say, as far as they know at this time, Tadros is not otherwise acquainted with the child or her mother. At last check, the girl was in stable condition at the hospital but is receiving treatment for her injuries.

Tadros is being held, without bond, in the Duval County Jail.

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