Group of transients detained and released


400-TRANSIENT-2Historic City News reporters spotted four transients and their dog as they were being detained by three St Johns County deputy sheriff’s in front of the busy US-1 entrance to Wal-Mart Stores about 5:00 p.m. today.

According to one deputy on the scene, a fifth man, on a bicycle in the Wal-Mart parking lot, was attempting to join the three men and one woman traveling south with their pit bull.

“They say they all met in Jacksonville,” Deputy Williams told Historic City News. “They tell us that they are traveling to Ocala for the warmer weather.”

One of the travelers was from South Carolina, the others were from Pennsylvania, Texas and New Jersey, according to the identification presented to the officers.

As part of the field contact process, the individuals were checked for any possible outstanding arrest warrants. “There were no extraditable warrants found,” Williams said.

Pedestrians are not allowed on the Interstate, so, it is not unusual to see individuals hitchhiking along other state highways. A group of four or five traveling together, with a dog, is not as common.

Since none of the individuals was accused of committing a crime, they were sent on their way.