Heimbold steps down as Tea Party chairman


DAVID HEIMBOLDTuesday evening, the Saint Augustine Tea Party reported to Historic City News that, during the course of the regularly scheduled open meeting, an election was held to replace the Chairman position, resigned by David Heimbold.

The grassroots Constitutional conservative group meets at the Village Inn; located at 900 Ponce de Leon Boulevard in St Augustine.

“I will be staying on in my capacity as Chairman of the Media Committee,” Heimbold told Historic City News local reporters. “The Republican Party has an inordinate fear of the media — which is preventing them from being the opposition party.”

Citing “personal” and “business” reasons for his decision, in his concluding remarks, Heimbold assured the membership that he will continue in his active role in the Town Crier Committee.

The membership then selected and installed Lance Thate as Chairman and Kathleen Hooker as Treasurer; by unanimous consent. Yvonne Heikkinen continues her service as Secretary of the organization.

Following the election, Thate solicited written advice from the members about expanding membership in the Saint Augustine Tea Party.

“The Membership Committee and growing members is the first order of business for the Tea Party’s emerging,” Thate told the members present. “There is no time to wait for the 2014 or 2016 elections — the issues facing this Nation are too grave.”


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