Identity of murder victim found in Flagler Estates revealed

400-BOYLES-MASSEY-MUGSHOTThe joint investigation that began last month into the identity of charred remains found in the trunk of a burned vehicle discovered along a logging road in Flagler Estates has made progress, according to an updated report received by Historic City News today.

While forensic testing continues, District 23 Medical Examiner, Dr. Predrag Bulic, has tentatively identified the body recovered as that of a 54-year-old white male, Edward Scott Mullener, Jr., whose last known address was on Hernandez Avenue in Palm Coast.

“Based on the examination of the remains by Dr. Bulic, the manner of death was homicide,” Media Relations Officer Kevin Kelshaw reported from the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office. “The cause of death has been ruled homicidal violence by an undetermined means, at this time.”

Dr. Bulic was able to find a dental bridge in the trunk of the vehicle and medical “pins” in one bone; both of which are consistent with information provided by the Mullener family. The vehicle, a 1983 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham Sedan, was registered to Mullener.

400-Justin-BoylesSt Johns County Sheriff’s deputy, Thomas Marmo, compiled the results of the three-week investigation; including physical evidence, forensic analysis, and witness affidavits that describe, in detail, the events on the evening of June 13 when Mullener was killed.

Marmo obtained arrest warrants for 24-year-old Justin Adam Boyles and 38-year-old Charles Danny Massey, whose residence is 6 Holly Road in Palm Coast. Both men were taken into custody — one sent to the St Johns County Detention Facility, the other to the Flagler County Jail. Each remains in custody without bond.

The warrant affidavits describe a “love triangle” involving the victim and Justin Boyles; who were both romantically involved with a woman who lives nearby on Sanchez Avenue. According to the affidavit obtained by Historic City News, Mullener went to the woman’s home and an argument ensued. She told officers that she wanted Mullener to leave, but he would not.

400-Charles-MasseyTelephone records verify that the woman made three phone calls to Boyles on June 13th; one at 7:39pm, one at 7:40pm and another at 7:41pm. The duration of each phone call was approximately one minute. The woman stated that she called Boyles and asked him to come over because Scott would not leave.

Detectives working the case believe that Boyles and Massey went to the house on Sanchez Avenue in the Hammock, kidnapped and possibly tortured Mullener, placed him in the trunk of his car, and may have burned him to death, along with the car, while he was still alive.

St Johns and Flagler County detectives and the Homicide Investigative Unit of State Attorney RJ Larizza are continuing their investigation.

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