Infectious disease outbreak at County Pet Center


400-dog-nasal-vaccineCommunications Manager Michael Ryan alerted Historic City News from the Office of the County Administrator that on Friday, canine intake operations ceased at the St Johns County Pet Center due to an outbreak of a canine infectious respiratory disease.

Full operations will not resume at the St Augustine Pet Center until the staff is able to fully decontaminate the facility and return on November 30 from their Thanksgiving holiday. In an effort not to endanger healthy canines, by exposing them to an infected environment, the shelter will not accept dogs during this period.

“In order to prepare for the required decontamination, adoptions of the dogs currently housed at the pet center will continue through 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 23 and all associated adoption fees will be waived,” Ryan told local Historic City News reporters. “Visitors who adopt dogs during this period will receive medication and instructions to treat their new pet as a precaution.”

Those who adopt dogs during this period are encouraged to isolate them from other canines. Although the infectious bacterium affects all dog breeds, it is not known to be contagious to humans or cats; therefore, feline operations and adoptions will continue.

During this time:

• no canines will be accepted
• owner releases will be prohibited
• Animal Control canine call responses will be limited

• Only emergency cases with aggressive or ill canines will be accepted.
• Contact other shelters and rescue groups in the case of stray canines.

Those wishing to conduct an owner release are requested to retain the dog until November 30 when the shelter will renew full canine operations.

For additional information, please visit or contact the Pet Center at 904.209.6190. Animal Control can be contacted after hours by calling 904.209.0746.


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