June 18 – County Commission Meeting


400-SJC-ADMIN-PALACEThe regular meeting of the St Johns County Board of Commissioners was held Tuesday June 4, 2013, in the County Auditorium in the St Johns County Administration Palace located at 500 San Sebastian View in St Augustine.

The following items of business came before the Board for action:

Proclamations – The Board proclaimed June 18, 2013, as Cathy Brown Day.
Brown was a longtime Executive Director of the County’s Council on Aging.

1. Regular Agenda Item One – Constitutional Officers’ Tentative Budget Presentations for Fiscal Year 2014
On or before June 1 of each year, Constitutional Officers are required by Florida Statute to submit a tentative budget for their respective offices to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) for the ensuing fiscal year. Clerk of the Court Cheryl
Strickland, Supervisor of Elections Vicky Oakes, and Sheriff David Shoar presented their budgets. Since the Tax Collector and Property Appraiser are fee-based, they are not required to submit budgets to the BCC at this time.

2. Regular Agenda Item Two – Nation’s Oldest Port Heritage Area Alliance and the St. Augustine Lighthouse
Kathy Fleming, St. Augustine Lighthouse Executive Director, and Kevin Doyle, President of Wexford Strategies, presented that the Nation’s Oldest Port Heritage Area Alliance connects residents and visitors with historic, cultural, natural, recreational, educational, and scenic assets for the region through education, preservation, and promotion. The Board passed a resolution supporting the Alliance’s proposal to establish a National Heritage Area in St Johns County.

3. Regular Agenda Item Three – 2013 Roadway and Transportation Alternatives List of Priority Projects
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization annually request local governments indicate priorities for potential funding of new transportation projects to be considered for
inclusion in the FDOT’s FY-2014 Work Program. Phong Nguyen, Transportation Development Manager, presented the Transportation Advisory Group’s recommended changes. The Board voted to accept the list of priorities after moving the St. Johns River Crossing item to the fourth position. The rest of the items are to follow in their existing sequence.

4. Regular Agenda Item Four – 2013 Inventory List of Land Available for Use as Affordable Housing
Florida Statute 125.379 states that the County shall prepare an inventory list every three years of all real property to which the County holds title and that can be used for affordable housing. Housing and Community Development Manager Ben Coney presented the 2013 Inventory List to the Board, which passed a resolution to approve it.

5. County Commissioner’s Report – One Stop Homeless Center and Community Contribution Tax Credit
Staff presented a resolution to support Home Gain St. Johns, Inc., in their efforts to establish a One Stop Homeless Center and qualify for the community contribution tax credit program. The Board approved the resolution.

6. County Commissioner’s Report – Edward Byrnes Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Formula Program
Staff presented a resolution authorizing the Sheriff of St. Johns County to submit an application seeking funding assistance through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Federal FY-2013 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant that offers the opportunity for the County to receive $64,678 in grant appropriation for use in supporting crime prevention and control activities and to improve the criminal justice system. The Board passed the resolution.