Kids get to test skills during firehouse visit

S14-4Matthew Sara reported to Historic City News that firefighters from Station 14 played host to a group of local day school students this morning. The kids got the chance to take a VIP tour of the firehouse and see where, when there’s a fire, a loud bell rings, a red light goes off, and our county’s first responders have to jump out of bed and go to work.

About 11:00 a.m., the West Augustine station opened the bay doors and pulled out one of the fire engines for a little exercise and a demonstration of the how to use a fire hose.

“The children were able to spray water from the fire hose and learn about all of the apparatus,” Lieutenant Jeremy Robshaw told Historic City News. “We probably run 5-10 of these a week at various stations around the community.”

When asked, the junior firefighters said the best part of the field trip was the part where they got to have lunch and dessert with the firefighters.

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