Komodo dragon being moved to outdoor enclosure

400-KOMODO-DRAGON-SAAFHistoric City News local reporters learned that at about 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, handlers at the St Augustine Alligator Farm are planning to move their new male Komodo dragon to the larger outdoor enclosure.

Part of the Australian continent exhibit, the largest expansion in the zoo since 1893, the Komodo Dragon exhibit also features an impressive list of birds and reptiles from the land Down Under — including the saltwater crocodile and extraordinary Southern Cassowary; the world’s most dangerous bird.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Molly Ebersold, told reporters that raffles and photo ops with one of Maximo’s babies are planned during the day.

Its all happening on Saturday morning, April 27, starting at approximately 10:00 am at the St Augustine Alligator Farm located at 999 Anastasia Boulevard in St Augustine.