Letter: Don’t build Health and Human Services Center


300-RANCOV-FLIPLetter: Don’t build Health and Human Services Center

Randy Covington
Member of the St Johns County Republican Assembly
St Johns, FL

Dear Editor:

Why is it that the public has not been deemed worthy to receive the information used in constructing the proposed scenario for the St Johns County Health and Human Services Center?

The fact is that our elite county administration is using non-standard practices in analyzing the cost impacts to build another new building — and then criticizes those of us who understand what they are doing.

Commissioner Morris, did RPM International own all of its office facilities? There are very few business organizations that choose to own their office facilities because it is usually more cost-effective not to. I would suspect that is probably true for companies such as RPM International, General Tire, Tree of Life, and many other service based organizations.

It seems that there are some very short memories among the county commissioners.

Previously, when Commissioner Jay Morris was running for office, he was critical of some of St Johns County’s real estate deals — implying that he would do better. So, shame on you, Commissioner Morris.

When Commissioner Sanchez ran for office, he referred to the “Taj Mahal” where you work as a “boondoggle” — I find it interesting that although the previous Commission voted to fund it, and Commissioner Sanchez could have stopped it from going forward by refusing to authorize construction after he was elected, he did nothing to stop the “grand folly” he previously portrayed it to be.


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