Letter: Don’t let Capitol Hill decide fate of beach driving

400-KAREN-MILES-DEVILS-ELBOLetter: Don’t let Capitol Hill decide fate of beach driving

Karen Miles
Crescent Beach, FL

Dear Editor:

I’m writing due to my concern with the stance that St Johns County is taking concerning amending the beach driving ordinance to return vehicular access to Matanzas Inlet.

We all know that it would take just 3 commissioners to amend the ordinance and we could be enjoying Matanzas Inlet like we customarily did since the invention of the automobile.

It appears that our County Administrator has convinced some of our Commissioners to “hold off” on any action until September when the National Park Service is claiming that they are going to decide on “Plan B” or “Plan C” of their General Management Plan.

“Plan C” allows for vehicular access to Matanzas Inlet — but rumor has it that they are not going to choose “Plan C”. National Park Service documents indicate that the majority of people want vehicular access to Matanzas Inlet.

The County is essentially allowing bureaucrats from Washington D.C. to decide what is in our best interests instead of governing like they were elected to do.

Would you consider discussing this on your site?

Karen and Henry Miles have owned Devil’s Elbow Fishing Resort at Crescent Beach for more than ten years; however, Karen’s grandmother, Onie Eatman, and her husband Truman, took over the “cracker” style camp after the area was devastated by Hurricane Dora in the 1960’s.

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