Letter: Hoping for workshop before graduation


KIM-KENDALL-HCN300Letter: Hoping for workshop before graduation

Kim Kendall
St Johns, FL

Dear Editor:

At yesterday’s School Board meeting, several speakers spoke in favor of allowing our students to select a representative to give an inspirational message at graduation… and asked the school board to workshop the topic and set a policy for it.

The School Board Chair, Tommy Allen, spoke for the Board and for the Superintendent and reinforced they would be supporting their attorney’s opinion and would NOT allow inspirational messages at Graduation.

Further Allen informed those in attendance that they would NOT set a policy addressing the issue and would NOT workshop the issue.

I spoke to the Chairman after the meeting and asked if this was a 100% solid decision.

The Chair agreed to meet with a group of us and from that meeting would see IF there warranted a reason to workshop the issue.

When we receive the date and time the Chair is available for a meeting – I will send out an email with that information – so any who can and would like to show will know where to report.

St. Augustine High School has started a Petition from students asking for their Freedom of Speech to not be taken away and allow their voices to be heard at Graduation (they already have 193 signatures – mostly Seniors!)

I have asked for blank petition forms. Anyone with students in any of our SJC High schools let me know, we’d like to have petitions being signed at all of our High Schools.


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