Letter: Julington Creek CDD members suspicious

400-Leslie-Temple-MiedemaLetter: Julington Creek CDD members suspicious

Leslie J Miedema
St Johns, FL

Dear Editor:

The actions of several of the Julington Creek CDD board members is suspicious at least.

What is the motivation for them not to follow typical protocol for hiring, firing and salary raises?

Since they have not made decisions that are typical in any way, we must look at their motivation. I would like to know:

Is it lack of understanding or pure incompetence?
Is there a personal goal?
Is there a personal benefit to them or their family members?
What causes three elected officials to favor one man who has lied to them?
Why are they turning their backs on 5,000+ home owners who elected them?

The Community Development District members took an oath to protect the residents, I don’t feel protected. Things are out of control and getting more bizarre at each meeting.

I believe it is time for an investigation and possible removal of all three Community Development District supervisors for lack of being able to do their job competently. As a home owner and resident I have a right to know what is going on. All the homeowners have a right to know.

Why would an employ, who lied about his qualifications to get hired, ever be trusted running a multi-million dollar budget? What does it say about those who support him? Can they be trusted?

Mr Lansdale, I ask that you continue this line of investigation and to protect the homeowners. Thank you for your continued efforts to run the Community Development District competently and honestly.

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