Letter: Morris and commissioners afraid of public scrutiny


300-RANCOV-FLIPLetter: Morris and commissioners afraid of public scrutiny

Randy Covington
St Augustine, FL

Like thieves and cowards, Jay Morris, Ron Sanchez, Cindy Stevenson and Rachael Bennett, just voted, to give Michael Wanchick a $ 25,000 annual raise (15%).

What makes this so repugnant is that they hid it from you.

Morris purposely did not put this on the agenda for today. He placed this on the agenda after the meeting started so you, the taxpayers would not have time to know what was being done to you and have time to react.

Because they are all feckless cowards, afraid of public scrutiny, the other commissioners went along with this even though it is insulting to you, the taxpayer in its callousness. You see, you are too stupid, in their eyes, to understand Wanchick’s magnificence; and, you might object.

Every time they tweak his contract, they do it as if they are breaking into your house at night to steal your money, in the dark, out of the critical eye of public scrutiny.

They did it with his term extension and they did it with the extension of his severance from one to three years in 2010. They are disgusting and disrespectful and duplicitous, the lot of them; Morris, Stevenson, Sanchez and Bennett. 0nly Bill McClure honored his fiduciary duty to you the taxpayers.

The rest of them are owned by Michael Wanchick. All of them, including Wanchick should resign their seats because they dishonor the trust placed in them by the voters of St Johns County.


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