Letter: Sanchez missing long-term building use

400-James-S-Arpaia-HCNLetter: Sanchez missing long-term building use

James S. Arpaia
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

I respectfully disagree with St Johns County Commissioner Ron Sanchez’s assumptions regarding the Health and Human Services Center; currently the subject of his letter that appeared in Historic City News this week.

First of all, many of the current health agencies that lease space in the existing Health and Human Services Center are only able to sign a one-year lease with the county. Some of these agencies will be absorbed by “Obamacare” when, and if, it is fully implemented.

Why should the county spend at least $12-million dollars on a NEW “EDIFACE” when its long-term use is in doubt? The sensible action, to me, would be for the county to lease any one-of-many available buildings inside the St Augustine city limits, for at least 3 years until “Obamacare” is finally resolved.

The County made a serious mistake in building the present “Taj Mahal” — where the entire 3rd floor is still vacant; and, now they are in a rush to build the “Gauze Mahal” which will have a very dubious future.

The taxpaying public needs to be informed of ALL the possibilities before spending $12-million of their dollars.


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