Letter: Still waiting for final paycheck


400-Logan-GuidryLetter: Still waiting for final paycheck

Logan Guidry
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor,

I am a former employee of the downtown Dairy Queen on San Marco Avenue in St Augustine, and I am still waiting for my final paycheck.

I went to Flagler College full time and worked there part time, and I always put my fullest effort into both. Every shift I would clock in and immediately begin restocking, cleaning, and serving customers. I never had to have any disciplinary actions taken against me. I always showed the utmost respect for the bosses and did as I was instructed. I was a model employee.

On April 20th, the owner, Steven Schummer of Port Orange, informed me that I was being terminated because of “scheduling issues”. Apparently, I was taking too much time off for school — because I never asked for time off for anything else.

When I went in on April 26th, the next payday following my termination, Schummer flat out refused to pay me. He told me that, according to the restaurant’s policy, I needed to turn in my uniform before I could receive my final pay. I have never heard of that policy and I was never able to see an employee handbook.

I left, without my paycheck, and went home and get my uniform. I texted a coworker on my way back. I was informed that, even if I did come in with my uniform, I would not receive my final paycheck. I was told that the paychecks had been moved to a locked office upstairs that only Shummer could access.

I have contacted the Department of Labor and they say that Dairy Queen had 72-hours to pay my final wages, so I have filed a complaint against Shummer. Three weeks later, I still have not been paid and I want my final paycheck.


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