Letter: Students should be allowed inspirational message

600-JIM-ARPAIALetter: Students should be allowed inspirational message

James S. Arpaia
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

The school board’s decision not to allow an “Inspirational message” at the upcoming graduation exercises for fear of a “lawsuit”, or not knowing what a student might say with an “open” microphone, sends a very poor message to our students.

We should not be teaching them to “back down” in the face of opposition; no matter what form it might take.

The students have the right of “Free Speech” guaranteed by our Constitution; which means they have a right to express themselves in any manner they choose, yes even if they wish to “praise Allah”.

The student chosen to speak is usually a valedictorian, or is a highly accomplished student, so, to me; the feigned risk is not understandable.

I believe the school board wants to keep it quiet and not make “waves”.

I think this is NOT the best way to set an example for our students.