McCormack contract by the numbers

400-PATRICK-F-MCCORMACK-HCNDespite a six-month extension already given to County Attorney Patrick McCormack which made his contract renewal date October 15, 2013, St Johns County Commission Chair Jay Morris added an item to Tuesday’s agenda to extend the controversial attorney’s contract with the county for four more years.

The latest contract, covering the term October 15, 2013 to October 15, 2017, provides a wealth of compensation and benefits making McCormack the second highest paid St Johns County employee next to County Administrator Michael Wanchick.

One stark contrast between the two county officials is the “golden parachute” granted to the administrator by a former board in order to “protect” him against the possibility of newly seated commissioners who might want him replaced.

A Florida law that went into effect last year made severance packages with excessive penalties for termination, like Wanchick’s, illegal. The new contract with McCormack includes the new lower maximum amounts for severance.

Here are the numbers to be paid to or on behalf of the county attorney:

Base salary 156,558.17 per year
Deferred compensation 5,000.00 per year
Fully paid employee contribution to Florida State Retirement System
Florida State Senior Management Retirement classification
Car allowance 300.00 per month
Paid vacation 20 working days per year
Professional development 10 working days per year
Professional memberships 3 maximum
Travel, lodging, and subsistence reimbursement on county business
Electronic equipment, software, and communications to perform duties while at home
County-paid fidelity bond
Indemnification for malpractice claims for actions while employed
All regular county employee fringe benefits
Paid major medical group insurance coverage including dependent coverage
Paid accidental death insurance coverage 500,000.00
Paid sick and personal leave allowances
Paid longevity allowances

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