Medical Examiner identifies explosion-fire victim


400-20-FIRST-ST-FIREDistrict 23rd Medical Examiner, Dr. Predrag Bulic, has confirmed the identity of the man found inside Apartment 7 at 20 First Street in St Augustine yesterday using the victim’s dental records.

The resident of the apartment, 22-year-old Corbin Craig Ferris, whose parents, Jodi and Mark B. Ferris, and sister, Alyssa Faith Ferris, live in St Augustine, was killed in an apparent explosion and resulting fire.

Police spokesman Mark Samson informed Historic City News that there has been speculation that the source of the explosion in the Ferris apartment was a clandestine methamphetamine lab; however, at this time, Samson says that the police department is not aware of any evidence of such a lab — or the chemicals necessary to operate such a lab.

Bulic will not rule on the cause and manner of death in this case until the entire forensic examination is complete, which could be several days or weeks. Chief John Rayno and the Office of the State Fire Marshal are conducting their own investigation into the cause of the explosion, which has yet to be determined.


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