Multi-modal transportation center meeting

400-AMTRAK-ST-AUG-FECMarci Larson reported to Historic City News that the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization has scheduled a public meeting on Thursday, August 29, in the Alcazar Room of City Hall located at 75 King Street, to review location options and preferences for a multimodal transportation center in the St Augustine area.

A stakeholder working group was formed with government officials, economic development experts, community activists, rail historians and interested citizens. The group has worked to identify potential sites, weigh selection criteria, and evaluate environmental impacts, ensuring a thorough and objective assessment.

“With the potential to restore Amtrak service on FEC rails, and develop regional commuter rail, the North Florida TPO is evaluating potential sites for a future transportation hub; where people can connect to passenger rail service from many other forms of transportation,” Larson told reporters. “A new multimodal center will enhance economic development and tourism, while providing new mobility choices to connect the St Augustine area with the remainder of the north Florida region.”

Historic City News readers are invited to attend and share their thoughts with the Transportation Planning Organization representatives available during the meeting, from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

“The stakeholder working group recommended sites based on a GIS-based suitability analysis using weighted criteria,” according to Larson. “Factors considered included population, employment, and accessibility via rail, plane, car, bus, trolley and bike; with input from the City of St Augustine, St Johns County, and the St Augustine – St Johns County Airport Authority.”

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