Mumford describes venues as “ecstasy strewn shit fields”

400-Marcus-MumfordThe City of St Augustine is underwriting whatever financial loss will be incurred when they bring Mumford and Sons to town for a two-day concert next month — a commitment of city reserve funds that has some Historic City News readers scratching their heads.

In an article that was published Wednesday, Diageo distilleries announced that their Scotch distilling programs are being taken over by the band, Mumford and Sons; after band member Ben Lovett revealed an interest in creating their own whisky during a televised interview.

So far, 450th Commemoration Director Dana Ste. Claire and City Manager John Regan have described the city as having the “distinction of being chosen” by the band and concert promoter, AC Entertainment.

That said, Historic City News was shocked to learn how band member, Marcus Mumford, described the concert locations that Mumford and Sons like to play.

“We’ve always wanted to make a whisky that would be suitable for the kind of muddy, ecstasy strewn shit fields we like to play,” Mumford said after the announcement concerning the distillery purchase. “The kind (of whisky) you can imagine selling to an undulating crowd of surging media twats that will happily pay £5 a shot. This is right up my groove man.”

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