New look taken from Flagler history

400-FEC-HERITAGE-PAINTA nod to Henry Flagler’s legacy was reported to Historic City News today when the Florida East Coast Railway released its plans to continue painting engines with the “heritage” paint scheme — bright red-orange and mustard.

The heritage painted engines will expand to four by the end of the year and to as many as seven by 2014, according to President and CEO Jim Hertwig.

“Today, the paint scheme signifies the continued growth that Florida East Coast Railway aspires to attain as a premier regional rail network serving the east coast,” Hertwig told reporters. “I am proud to incorporate our rich heritage into our future plans.”

St Augustine Railway Historical Society

Jacksonville’s Bowden Terminal, Port Miami and Port Everglades have all seen expanded Florida East Coast Railway operations recently. Despite the added cost, the distinctive heritage paint scheme is so unusual and popular that executives have agreed to the expensive upgrade as part of their branding efforts.

Photo credits: © 2013 Historic City News contributed photograph by Bob Pickering

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