Nursing facility resident found in marsh behind building

400-DAVID-MULLThe St Augustine Police Department reported to Historic City News that 87-year-old David Mull, a resident of BayView Healthcare, apparently walked away the nursing facility this morning, and was not heard from until 4:00 p.m. — when he was located in the marsh behind The Pavilion at 161 Marine Street.

According to Mull’s daughter, her father was last seen around 10:45 a.m. this morning and was not missed until he didn’t show up for lunch. She told reporters that, although he is currently up-to-date on his medications, her father suffers from dementia and epilepsy — he could suffer a seizure if he gets overheated or dehydrated.

A “Silver Alert” was issued to law enforcement agencies, but was canceled after Mull was located this afternoon. Police spokesman Mark Samson told Historic City News that officers checked for the missing man around the facility, and as far away as Denny’s and Village Inn restaurants on North Ponce de Leon Boulevard.

Mull’s daughter expressed concern about his ability to disappear like this; given his limited mobility and infirmities. Her father wears glasses and hearing aids, although his family thinks he only has one hearing aid with him. She says that he can get around, but he walks very slowly with a shuffle.

Although details were not released, Mull was safely recovered from the marsh and was taken to Flagler Hospital for evaluation. Police say that he appears to be fine.

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