Plan to register evangelical Christian and faithful Catholic voters


400-Ralph_ReedYesterday morning, Historic City News was notified that the Florida Faith and Freedom Coalition hosted a Legislative Prayer Breakfast in Tallahassee; Attorney General Pam Bondi, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam, and Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed were in attendance.

Reed, who formed the conservative Christian organization in 2009, has compared it to the activist group founded by broadcaster Pat Robertson in the 1980’s — he sometimes refers to the Faith and Freedom Coalition as “Christian Coalition 2.0”.

“I have a plan to register 250,000 evangelical Christians and John Paul ll Catholics to vote before the end of the year,” Reed told reporters. “We have a file of 1.7 million evangelical and faithful Catholic households in Florida — each of those households represents 1.6 voters that we will contact between seven-to-twelve times before the 2014 election.”

If Reed accomplishes that, political strategists believe the Coalition will keep conservatives in power for the next decade.

“We are going to mail them, we are going to phone them, we’re going to knock on their door,” said Reed, who added that email, Facebook and Twitter will also be used to get out the vote. “If they haven’t voted by Election Day, we’re going to get in a car or van and we’re going to go to their house and we’re going to bring them to the polls.”

Addressing the audience of about 250 people, Reed said social conservatives need to speak up in defense of their values. Among the challenges outlined during the breakfast were the protections of life, defense of marriage and to protect the road to the White House for 2016. Reed emphasized that the Coalition supports lower taxes and education reform.

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