Police investigating several area thefts

SAPD-bronze-LOGOCity police spokesman, Mark Samson, checked in with Historic City News this afternoon to update our readers on several incidents that occurred in St Augustine over the weekend.

The clerk at T. Gregory Imports on North Ponce de Leon Boulevard reported that their debit card and gift cards were stolen when they were distracted by one of two black females who entered the store at the same time. Officers responding to the theft advised the victim to contact her financial institutions and cancel all of her cards.

Andrew Timothy Stack, who resides on Matanzas Boulevard, recovered his bicycle this weekend after it was stolen from his home. Stack told police that he saw a young black male riding the bike on King Street. Stack called police and approached the rider, who dropped the bicycle and ran away. Police have a description of the person who had possession of the stolen bicycle and the investigation is continuing.

The Gigglin’ Gator reported that a white female and a black male came into the bar and started a “tab” using a credit card. After a few drinks, they told their waitress that they were moving to the outside deck. The waitress soon noticed that the patrons were gone, so she attempted to charge their credit card for the $102.00 worth of drinks they had purchased. The credit card charge was declined. Investigators have the card and a description of the customers. The investigation is continuing.

Over the weekend a theft was reported from an unlocked truck parked on Eastman Street in St Augustine. Four fishing poles, a spear pole, and a “Go Pro” camera, all valued at $315.00, were stolen. Police are looking for witnesses who may have observed a person or unfamiliar vehicle in the vicinity.

On Monday and Tuesday, three more thefts from vehicles were reported to city police. According to Samson, there is no pattern to the thefts. Residents are being reminded to lock their car doors and trunk, because some of the reports indicated that the vehicles were open. Be careful not to leave anything in plain view, because some incidents involved broken windows.

“If it is something you can do without, think of leaving it at home where it should be safe,” Samson told reporters. “Close your garage doors, even if you are going to be just a couple of minutes. You never know when a thief is just riding by looking for an opportunity.”

Write down serial numbers and take photographs of your personal belongings — if they ever turn up missing or are stolen, they will be the first thing your insurance company will ask for.


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