Police: Stay connected to your property

300-MARK-SAMSON-SAPDCity Police spokesman, Mark Samson, reminds Historic City News readers that everyone in the crowds that have followed the Gentlemen of the Road Stopover to St Augustine has not necessarily come to town to enjoy the music.

The St Augustine Police Department will be out in-force patrolling the entire community; however, a little planning and diligence on your part will help you stay connected with your property.

“As Mumford and Sons arrive in St Augustine, so will opportunistic people looking for an easy mark,” Samson told reporters. “If there is something you do not need for the concert, leave it at home.”

Pay particular attention to items left in your vehicle. If they cannot be left behind, put them in the trunk for safe keeping when you come into St Augustine or park at one of the satellite parking lots. Remember to lock your vehicle and set the alarm.

If you are staying at a Bed and Breakfast, or one of the local hotels that offer a room or house safe, use it. Record serial numbers of your valuables so that police can identify them if they become lost or stolen. Don’t rely on the security of a locked door. Both manual and electronic locks can be compromised by almost anyone with a little knowledge.

Also, remember that all city ordinances remain effect throughout the weekend.
-No open containers of alcohol on city street and city property.
-No bicycles on the sidewalks, ride in the roadway.

The St Augustine Police Department hopes you have a wonderful experience while visiting.

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