Police uncover methamphetamine lab


400-GARDNER-FULLERWOOD-METHThe Sheriff’s Office Clandestine Lab Enforcement Team was called to a residence on Fullerwood Drive in North City this afternoon, after police, who entered the residence to serve an outstanding warrant, discovered an active methamphetamine lab inside one of the bedrooms.

Following up on an anonymous tip that a man living in the apartment located at 14B Fullerwood Drive was wanted by law enforcement authorities, St Augustine Police Detective Michael Castaing entered the residence at 12:00 noon today, in search of 42-year-old Bryan Thomas Sweeney, Sr.

Castaing found Sweeney at the residence, along with two other persons; Sweeney’s son, 21-year-old Bryan Thomas Sweeney, Jr., and 31-year-old Cherry Christy Baker. In a bedroom, Castaing observed an active one-pot methamphetamine lab.

The three occupants at the residence were decontaminated and arrested on charges of possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell, production of methamphetamine, keeping a public nuisance structure for drug activity, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

All remain in custody at the St Johns County Detention Facility pending their first appearance hearing tomorrow morning.

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