ReaderReviews: Schmagels Bagels


400-SCHMAGELS-BAGELSTucked along 450-year-old Hypolita Street, between two story buildings, bright walls, and a low slung porch roof, Schmagel’s Bagels is an absolute “must visit” for anyone coming to St Augustine.

It sits across the street from the historic Grace United Methodist Church, and just a block from Flagler College (formerly the Hotel Ponce de Leon) making it a great place to take a break from classes as well.

Schmagel’s was originally founded close to 25 years ago and has always been locally owned and operated. Domingo Casillas, the current owner, has made the restaurant his pride and joy over the last several years. Featuring breakfast and lunch, Schmagel’s Bagels serves up fresh bagels, breakfast sandwiches, paninis, and salads from 7 am to 3 pm daily.

The inside dining space is quaint and cramped, but the bright and airy patio dining is a joy. Featuring concrete tables and benches on a wooden deck with a brick lined walk way, the metal roof extending just far enough to keep the sunshine bright and the elements at bay, Schmagel’s takes advantage of old world architecture surrounding it and the beauty of Florida palms trees and Spanish Moss all around. Rainy days might not be as pleasant, but this is the Sunshine State so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Not to be outdone by the beautiful surroundings, Schmagel’s cuisine is just plain delicious. Offering more than a dozen varieties, bagels are baked fresh daily and fill the air with their mouthwatering scents. Order one of many Panini sandwiches, or just for fun, have the same sandwich made on a toasted bagel instead. Don’t worry about cream cheese: Schmagel’s makes cream cheese right on the premises and features a new flavor each month. They won’t skimp on it, either. Bagels ordered with cream cheese are piled high with an ample amount of the tasty treat.

Schmagel’s also features several gourmet coffees as well as sodas, water, and juices. The coffee is always fresh and worth standing in line if necessary. As they say on their website, you’ll keep coming back for the “Schmagel’s Bagels experience.” For menu information and directions, visit

Les Crone is a 46 year old, married father of eight kids in St Augustine. Feeding eight kids and keeping things fresh and exciting at dinner time was always a challenge. After 30 years in the restaurant business and raising his kids, he’s developed a passion for food and routinely seeks out new places with new and exciting dishes. He admits he’s hard to please. Crone says it has to be clean; the staff has to be courteous; the restaurant has to look inviting; most of all the food has to be top-notch.


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