Registered sex offender attacks Flagler Estates teen

MICHAEL-PHILLIP-MCDONALD-(1A registered St Johns County sexual offender living in Flagler Estates was taken into custody Sunday night and remains in custody in lieu of $1,012,000 bond; accused of sexual assault against a 16-year-old girl who had been dropped off at his residence by her grandmother for an overnight visit with a friend.

The incident occurred last week, September 18 after 7:30 p.m., at the residence of 45-year-old Michael Phillip McDonald — a registered sexual offender who lives at 4415 Edward Street, Hastings. In May 2003, McDonald was convicted in St Johns County for unlawful sexual activity with a 16-year-old; he was 35 at the time. He was convicted again on January 2009 for failure to comply with sexual offender registration laws.

Deputy Sheriff Billy Lennon reported that he was called to assist Department of Children and Families Investigator Nikeya Hill at 10:21 p.m. Sunday, after the department was contacted by the 58-year-old grandmother of the victim, and asked to interview the teenager about the attack.

After the interview, Hill told Deputies Lennon and Kroul that the victim’s grandmother had arranged for her friend’s parents to watch her, overnight, while she went out of town to pick up her son. However, when the victim arrived at the McDonald residence, the only person there to watch the teenager was her friend’s father — McDonald’s wife, 38-year-old Candy Louise McDonald, was not home.

MICHAEL-PHILLIP-MCDONALD-(2According to the incident report, Candy McDonald did not return home for about an hour after the victim’s arrival; and, at that time, the teen told her that she was “okay”. The following morning, she revealed what had actually happened the night before. That afternoon, the victim also told her grandmother about the attack.

The victim went into the residence and began to play on their computer, when she says that McDonald approached her and began pulling up pornographic websites for her to watch. The teen reported that she was uncomfortable and turned her head away.

McDonald grabbed her by her arm and pulled her into his bedroom, according to the sworn affidavit taken from the victim. She stated that McDonald threw her down on the bed and got on top of her. He placed one hand on her throat and threatened to kill her if she didn’t let him “do this”. The girl reported to investigators that McDonald was able to pull her pants and underwear down around her knees in an attempt to forcefully have sex with her, but she fought back — pushing McDonald by repeatedly extending her arms into his chest; and, eventually, getting him off of her.

After she was free from the bedroom, the victim found a telephone and called 911. McDonald came out of the bedroom and headed towards her, so she hung up the phone.
McDonald reportedly grabbed the phone away from her, and, when 911 operators called back to verify the emergency, McDonald told them that everything was “alright” and that “they did not need any assistance”.

Charges against McDonald include sexual assault by someone 24-years-old or older and sexual battery of a victim 16 or 17-years-old, a second-degree felony ($500,000); kidnapping and false imprisonment of a child to commit sexual battery, a first-degree felony ($500,000); assault with intent to commit a felony, a third-degree felony ($10,000); battery by touching or striking, a first-degree misdemeanor ($1,000); and obstructing justice by depriving a 911 call, a third-degree felony ($1,000).

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