Renowned classicist inspires home designers


400-CHRISTINE-G-H-FRANCKThe Florida Society of the American Institute of Building Design announced to Historic City News today that they are hosting a program by renowned classicist, CHRISTINE G. H. FRANCK; that promises to inspire home designers and participants with techniques that will improve their drawing and design skills.

This course will give designers techniques to improve their residential design; an edge that will set them apart in today’s recovering market.

“My experience from the Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America has made the single biggest impact on my work as a designer,” remembers American Institute of Building Design Internal Vice President, David Pillsbury. “The effects were profound.”

The event will be held at the Hilton Historic Bayfront Hotel on Avenida Menendez in St Augustine on April 20th. The course will include two lectures, an outdoor sketching session, and a tour of Historic St Augustine.

As an Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America course, this is an event residential designers will not want to miss, but the deadline to register is approaching fast.

The event is open to the general public, if they pre-register, and offers a special discount to students.

For more information including cost and registration, please visit the registration website.

Christine Franck, is a sought-after designer and educator with a practice in New York City.

In 2002, Franck was honored with a Public Service Award by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, for her outstanding contribution to the study of architecture and design.

Her portfolio includes several award-winning residential designs, over 17 years of teaching experience, a position on the Board of Directors for the Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America and her title as a founding member of the International Network of Traditional Building, Architecture, and Urbanism.

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