Orange Park Medical Center no longer Level II trauma center


400-FIRE-AUTO-CRASHHistoric City News was informed today that Orange Park Medical Center, which has been operating as a “provisional” Level II Trauma Center, was denied approval of Level II Trauma Center status after the Florida Department of Health determined that the hospital has not met the required standards.

This denial means that Orange Park Medical Center cannot continue to operate as a provisional trauma center, according to a copy of a letter from Trauma Program Interim Director, Lisa VanderWerf-Hourigan to Chief Executive Officer Thomas Pentz that was received in our newsroom this morning.

Many of St Johns County’s traumatic injuries have been transported to Orange Park Medical Center, since Flagler Hospital does not have a verified trauma center, either. Shands Jacksonville remains a Verified Level I trauma center to meet the needs of injured patients within Trauma Service Area Five.

Shooting victims and injured passengers in automobile crashes whose injuries are serious enough to warrant that level of care, will continue to be stabilized for transportation by St Johns County Fire Rescue emergency medical personnel on the scene and either airlifted to Shands Jacksonville or transported by ground.

Specific deficiencies related to Trauma Center Standards at Orange Park Medical Center included emergency department requirements, acute rehabilitative services, psychosocial support systems and quality management.


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