St Johns County fatality a man who liked adventure


400-JAMES-A-CONVERTITOJames A. Convertito, the 49-year-old Shelton, Connecticut man who lost his life in a motorcycle-vs-truck crash last night, was a longtime mechanic; employed at the Water Pollution Control Authority of his hometown — and a man, his friends and family say “liked adventure”.

His daughter, Maria, called her dad a kind man who cared about his family, friends and community.

“He knew everyone,” she said. “He would give the shirt off his back to anyone.”

Maria said her father was “the smartest man I knew. He knew everything about fixing things — whether electrical, welding, anything.” Convertito was the head mechanic at the Shelton Water Pollution Control Authority treatment plant.

James Convertito loved to ride his motorcycle, to go boating, and to fish and hunt, according to his daughter. A fellow worker said Convertito was a Navy veteran who had just left to go on vacation.

Mayor Mark Lauretti described Convertito as “a longtime Shelton guy and a good guy. He was well grounded and a good employee.”

Thomas Sym, the city’s sewer administrator, said Convertito’s role was important to ensuring the plant operated smoothly. “His expertise kept the plant going,” Sym said. “It’s a big loss for us.”

Like others, Sym appeared shaken up when learning of Convertito’s passing. “It’s just terrible,” he said.

Heather Robinson, who is engaged to Convertito’s son Jason, said James Convertito was a man who enjoyed adventure and experiencing new things. “He loved trying everything,” Robinson said. “He would go on an adventure in a heartbeat. He had been in the Navy and liked to talk about all the places he’d been.”

She said he loved his family, children and friends, and was a fun person to be around. “He liked to laugh, smile and joke,” she said.

Her future father-in-law was planning a trip to Vermont in May with his son — who is her fiancé — to hunt wild boar, partly because it was something he had never done before, Robinson said.

He is survived by his wife of 23 years, Kimmy, as well as three children — Erin, 26; Jason, 25, and Maria, 18 — and a grandchild, Jamie, 5.


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