St Johns woman returns to jail for second time in a week

400-TAWNY-LYNN-BLAZEJOWSKIA Johns Creek woman, who investigators say has been terrorizing a former boyfriend and his associates since he broke off their relationship, was arrested on a second-degree felony warrant yesterday; alleging she made recurring threats that, among other injuries, cost the Ponte Vedra Beach man his 24-year career.

At 7:00 p.m. last night, 40-year-old Tawny Lynn Blazejowski, who resides at 1307 Fireside Court, was taken into custody and booked in the St Johns County Detention Facility for the second time in one week where she was held in lieu of $100,000 bond.

After the second extortion arrest yesterday, Judge Michael Traynor ordered Blazejowski held without bond — later recanting; allowing her to be released from custody again today.

As indicated in St Johns County court records reviewed by Historic City News today, Blazejowski went through a difficult divorce in May, 2010, followed by a child sharing battle. During the last year, Blazejowski has found herself in financial trouble — facing lawsuits, judgments, and foreclosure of her home.

Since that time, Blazejowski has made what officials believe to be, false allegations against both her estranged husband, and more recently, against her former boyfriend. She has sought restraining orders and later made calls and sent e-mails to herself, followed by false police reports that those injunctions had been violated. She claims that she has been the victim of abuse — allegations which were never proven; and, complaints of which were not prosecuted by Assistant State Attorney Ben Rich.

In fact, evidence indicates that Blazejowski has tried to impersonate others, including her former boyfriend, who has been twice arrested based on information Blazejowski provided authorities. The ex-boyfriend says he has suffered disgrace and embarrassment because of Blazejowski; and, now that he has been seeing other people, those friends have been on the receiving end of Blazejowski’s abuse.

Based on verification of IP addresses and telephone numbers, discovered by detectives working the case, Blazejowski used the boyfriend’s mugshot as a profile picture to create a fictitious facebook page and then sent fake “friend requests” to family members and real life friends. Using the fraudulent facebook account, Blazejowski sent private messages that included nude pictures of the victim, his business card, and his mugshot. It is alleged that Blazejowski also created a profile on a gay-dating website for the express purpose of harassing, annoying, and abusing the victim.

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